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We love to have fun as much as you do. Therefore, our goal is to make it easier to have fun together, no matter who you are and what you want or have for your wallet.


At the Sawadee Thai Restaurant and Bar, only the imagination sets the boundaries. Our 1500 sqm facility is filled with exciting activities in a unique environment.

Our driven and experienced staff plan activities, dinners, conferences,

corporate events, weddings, tail sex and much more. Simply put: At Sawadee you can do more and have more fun without having to plan or travel unnecessarily - everything is under one and the same



Sawadee thai restaurant and bar - ACTIVITIES AND OTHER SOLUTIONS

Do you want to take a glass and drive a tree fight with your friends gang?

Or do you want a full-day conference and do something fun?


To make it as easy as possible for you as visitors to Sawadee, we have created online booking where it is free to book time. You can always come by at drop-in time.

All our activities can be booked for full hours and are completely artificial, the only requirement is that you do not bring your own drink or food.


Once a week, our activity hosts have open competitions like wooden matches etc.


Of course, we also help with tailor-made solutions where we can combine food and drink together with different activities, both for individuals and companies.


Want to know more about our activities or other parts of our range? Contact us and help will help.

Unsere Services

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